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    So how exactly does Fullips work?

    Fullips works by using self-suction to enhance your lip-line and give added fullness allowing you to always be in control of your desired look.

    • For best results, wet the area around the mouth and lips, as it may help provide a better suction. 

    Then, simply place your fullips enhancer over the mouth area and begin to suck in gently.  You want to take short small breathes in, almost as if you are drinking from a straw.  Allow an air-tight seal to form.  As you suck the air out of the fullips enhancer, you will feel a gentle pulling of your lips into the enhancer.  Once it's on relax your lips.  If needed, push your tongue through your teeth and use it like a plug to create the soft, gentle suction which gives the best results. CAUTION: Gentle suction only, NEVER HARD.  Hard suction can cause bruising and hard suction is never necessary.

    • Start slowly, until you are comfortable using the device.  All it should take is two or three small breathes and then use your tongue to help keep the slight suction. 

    Let it sit on for 5-30 seconds so that you can check in-between on how your results are doing.  You can remove the fullips enhancer (using your finger to break the suction) and check the progress or by pulling your tongue back into your mouth and it will fall right off.  No need to pull.

    Repeat the above steps until the desired fullness is reached.  Re-wet the mouth each time for better suction.

    • As you become more comfortable using your fullips enhancer, you can move the position of the fullips enhancer around, giving you more control and options for defining different areas of your lips.

    Results may vary.

    What size should I get?

    So the basics are---

    Large Round for overall lip fullness. 
    Medium Oval for small to medium mouths or thin lips.  
    Small Oval to target certain areas and the center of the mouth, also great to use vertically! 

    LARGE ROUND:  The Large Round Fullips is great for people who already have bigger lips to begin with. The Large Round will give you an overall fullness in your lips. Not recommended for targeting specific areas. This size can be a great final touch up once you have used the small oval or medium oval to shape and target specific areas of your lips.

    MEDIUM OVAL:  The Medium Oval Fullips is great for people with small to medium sized lips. The Medium Oval can be used horizontally or vertically. The Medium Oval is also great for targeting one lip at a time as well as reaching the far corners of your mouth. If you have a thin upper lip and a fuller bottom lip, the Medium Oval is perfect for targeting your upper lip to even out your lips.

    SMALL OVAL:  The Small Oval Fullips is great for people who already have smaller lips. This is my personal favorite of all 3 sizes we have. You can use the Small Oval horizontally or vertically to really target the Cupid's Bow area of your lips. If you have thinner lips already, this is the size for you. If you are looking to really target the Cupid's Bow in your upper lip, this is the size for you. 

    How long does it last?

    The time varies from person to person and there are many factors that make a difference. Time and practice are two of the biggest factors.  It really takes about a month to figure out what works best and to get the max results and time but once you do it gets easier, faster and the effects last longer :)

    Think of your Fullips as a longer lasting lip plumping gloss that will never run out on you.  When you go to touch up your lipstick after a few hours you can retouch your Fullips as well!

    These should last between 1-4 hours. Most people get at least 1 hour to start, most get 2.  Then as you get better at using them and know what works best for you, the lips will get trained (for lack of a better word) and they will last longer.  I get 4 hours but I've been doing it 10 years.

    It's important to start slow and gentle as they can cause bruising when you first start if you do too much, too hard or too fast. So start slow and gentle so that won't happen :)

    There are other important things like being well hydrated, using liner and no matte lipstick as its drying etc. that also make a difference.  

    If you are a nursing mother, or use chapstick more than 8 times a day, you may experience poor results.

    What do I do if I bruise?

    First and most important, don't use these again until your lips are all better..for about a week.  So long as the device is used properly it will never bruise or leave any mark and should not hurt.  We encourage everyone to start out slow with soft, gentle suction!

    It is so hard to know in the beginning how much is too much suction...and how long is too long.  If you followed directions and used them for just 15 seconds with only gentle suction, and still got bruising, then you may be too sensitive for them. 

    When this happens it means it was either too hard or too long. These need to be use very gently at first with time building up as you go. It's like your lips need to get trained and used to doing this.

    So, you should get very gentle suction--where it's barely holding on and then relax your lips into the enhancer---after 15 seconds...check and then repeat if there is no color change.  It takes about a month before you really get to understand how much is too much and the more you do it the better and longer it will last.  :)

    I'm having trouble getting suction?

    So, getting suction  can be tricky but once you do, it will just get easier and easier :)

    While the best effect later may be with the smaller ones for you, to get the hang of using them start with the largest size you have.

    Take the enhancer, and wet the area around your mouth and snuggle it up gently where it is fully touching all areas...and start to take small, short suctions of air like you are trying to get all the air out of the enhancer.  You might have to start with a slight pucker so the air doesn't escape from the sides.  Once you feel the suction the first time then you will get a better idea what will work for you.  Hold it on gently until it sticks on by itself.

    You will need to suck on it kind of like a baby bottle or if you are drinking from a straw and something gets stuck in the bottom...if that makes sense. Small, short suctions..a little at a time. 

    Using moisture around your mouth and lips (water or any moisturizer will do) should help establish better suction.  Kind of like turning a glass upside down on a counter..if it's dry it picks right up, if it's wet it kinds of sticks.

    If you have time to play with these, just pick them up and play with them.  Practice makes perfect!

    When you do finally get it to stick on by itself the first time, it will just get easier and easier..and then it will be fun.  Remember though if you do get suction, it should be very gentle--you don't want to suck hard, just do it so gentle and then let your lips relax (I know that sounds silly too) but starting you just want to go slow and then your lips respond better and better.

    Is there a recommended use?

    Experimenting with the enhancers is the best way to decide how and where you want fullness and how you can achieve the fullness and shape you desire.

    STEP 1:  Clean your fullips enhancer with mild soap and water.  Next, we recommend lightly exfoliating the lips and the surrounding area with a soft washcloth, or exfoliation brush to help achieve fuller results.

    STEP 2:  Wet the area around your mouth with water or moisturizer.  Moisture allows for easier movement to position the enhancer and move it around.  This moisture is not necessary, but may help establish tighter suction which is key to a good result.

    STEP 3:  Position your fullips enhancer over your lip area, hold lightly in place and begin sucking short puffs of air out of the enhancer.  Continue until solid suction is established and the enhancer is holding suction, but comfortable around your mouth.

    STEP 4:  Let your lips relax into the enhancer.  This is important!  You should feel a gentle pulling.  Leave it on for short increments (5-30 seconds)  Break suction with your finger or tongue.

    STEP 5:  After using your fullips, apply your lip cosmetics as usual.  Being well hydrated is very important!

    Can I still use a lip plumping gel or lipstick?

    Yes, you can use whatever you normally use on your lips.  If you normally use a plumping gel then feel free to use it.  I actually use one after using my enhancer as well.  Lip liners, plumping lipstick/gloss or lip moisturizer may help your fullness last longer.  Best to avoid using a matte lipstick.  You will decrease your results as matte lipstick is a drying agent, and being well hydrated is very important!  (Can't emphasize this enough.)

    Should I put lipstick on before or after use?

    Definitely after.  After your lips are enhanced with your fullips enhancer, you can apply your lipstick, gloss or lip liner as you would normally do. 

    • In addition to your normal application, you may want to add a little extra liner under the middle, bottom part of your lip as it gives an extra bit of depth.
    • For the “baby boomer girls” that may be noticing the look of the mouth drooping downwards, after using the “cupid lips” application, use your lip liner to define the top lip but do not make the top lip as wide as your bottom lip.  This helps lessen the look of the downward corners by keeping the upper lip line inside the bottom lip.

    How often can I use it?

    Well the most important thing is not to “overdo” using it.  I use mine as I start the day, even if I’m not going to put on full make-up, I use the enhancer and put on gloss, lipstick or lip conditioner.  Even if I do nothing else, I do my lips.

    If you want to keep your look up for the whole day, about every 3-4 hours you could use it again.  I find it doesn't take much to re-plump my lips.  Again, results will vary for everyone but since this is temporary and easy to carry and use, it's really easy to tailor it to your specific needs.

    You can put it in your purse or make-up bag and take it with you for quick touch-ups, much like you would your lipstick.  If you have your lipstick on, you may want to wipe it off before your touch-up so as not to get it smeared on your face especially if it’s dark in color.

    Is it safe to clean?

    Yes, and highly recommended.  Make sure to clean your fullips enhancer with a mild liquid soap and water before each use and rinse well.  Do not share your enhancer with others.  It is a personal use item.

    Are the Fullips Enhancers durable enough to carry around every day?

    Absolutely!  These enhancers are very durable and if thrown around in a makeup bag, or dropped, they will not break!  You can look at this purchase as a one time investment and you should never have to buy another one--unless of course it's for a friend. :)

    What is your Return/Exchange Policy?

    As Fullips products are for the personal use of each customer, we do not accept returns.  However, If you feel after trying your fullips enhancer that you have mistakenly purchased the incorrect size for your needs, please send us a note.

    Additional tips:

    There may be somewhat of a "learning" curve in achieving the best look for your lips using fullips.  With use, you will be able to move the enhancer around for better placement to add fullness to specific areas and understand what works best for you.  Wetting the area around the mouth helps get the best suction.  Position the enhancer over the mouth area and begin to gently suck in, creating a firm suction.  Gently continue until you feel your lips and the area around your lips pull into the fullips enhancer.  Do not over do the suction when using your fullips enhancer.  Start slowly, sucking gently and creating a suction, release the suction after about 10-15 seconds.  Remove the enhancer and check to see if you have your desired look and fullness.  If not, repeat all of the above steps.  Everyone has different needs and ideas of how full they want their lips and where they want the fullness.  Using your fullips enhancer should NOT hurt, if it hurts, then you have created too much of a suction, so use your tongue or your finger and break the suction.  You can then replace the enhancer and begin again.   If lips look purple or hurt in any way, stop, as the suction is too strong. *If you have injections, medical, or dental issues these should not be used.

    Using the round, large enhancer, your whole mouth area will be encompassed.  If you are using one of the ovals, you can target specific areas to enlarge.  The ovals can be used horizontally or vertically.  When using vertically, place the enhancer in the center of your lip area, covering both your top lip and bottom lip, this will increase the middle area of your lips, giving a more cupid look to the lip line.  You can also move this from side to side, doing the side areas of the mouth. Using the oval horizontally, you can focus on either the top or bottom lip or both. 

    Although fullips has been designed with soft radius corners, leaving the enhancer in place too long may leave a light red mark around your mouth, this should go away after a few minutes, but the next time you use the fullips enhancer, decrease the suction time.  

    Linda's Tips and Tricks for Longer Lasting results:

    Time: The biggest thing that's going to make a difference is time. The longer you use it, the easier, faster and longer the effects will last.  While there is nothing permanent about them, the lips become trained to respond more quickly the longer you use them and the effect will last longer as well.  A month is kind of the time frame that seems to start to make the biggest difference.

    Most of the time when people are first starting they get at least an hour, but most get 2. Since I have been doing it for years, I get 4 hours, but the re-plump is faster and easier too.

    There are a few factors that also can help make a difference in addition to continued use.

    Hydration: The first is being well hydrated. It makes a big difference.  Since these work by pulling fluid to the lips, the better the hydration the more there is to direct to the lips.

    Gloss and Liner:If you use a liner and a plumping gloss it adds time, it's almost as if that helps hold the fluid there. Matte lipstick on the other hand, causes the effect to go down faster, as it tends to be more drying.  If you don't like plumping gloss, even something like a Blistex seems to work, again because of the moisture. But for sure, no matte lipstick.

    Technique: I'm not sure what techniques you have tried, my daughters is different than mine and most people have seen hers on YouTube,  but here is mine if that helps...

    Since these work because they are drawing surrounding fluid towards the area that the enhancer is centered on, if you are using a small enhancer, the area is smaller, thus more fluid to one area and longer results. So, to experiment and get longer time, start with your smallest one, place it in the center of your mouth, you can also try it vertically for this technique.

    Use moisture to wet your lips and surrounding area. Put it on with light suction but where it stays on by itself, barely holding on but for a longer period of time.The moisture helps make sure it stays on since you are not doing it hard or fast but for a longer time, the idea is to let it draw slowly and longer and it tends to last longer, especially since it's a smaller area---

    Once it's on RELAX your lips, (this is important) into the enhancer--(The first time you do it this way, if you haven't tried this yet, check it frequently to make sure you're not overdoing it) Keeping it on longer and drawing to a smaller area should kind of condition them to draw fluid to your lips.  The idea is keeping it on longer and gentle so it works slowly.

    For some reason, using the smallest one at first if your having trouble, seems to help get the lips use to doing this.

    Do it on a weekend when you don't have to work, so you can experiment. Then as you think about it throughout the day, pick it up a couple more times and put it on the same way. It seems like doing this in the beginning makes them respond faster and last longer and you get use to what and how much you need to get it to last longer.

    Once you get use to it, you can do it easily everyday or just do it on nights out or whenever. My daughter just does it for going out, not daily and her lips respond fast and she gets about 2-3 hours but the touch-up the second time in the same day is fast. I always do it at the start of my day, add liner and gloss and I have great results. I touch it up mid day and then at night but of course I'm old and I'm never as hydrated as I should be :( When I am, it lasts lots longer.

    Also, here is a blog I did about lips tips, there might be a couple of other things in here that could be helpful as well. 

    All that being said, it's really important to start slow and go with gentle suction, never hard.  For longer lasting results, I find It's better to do it for a longer period of time with gentle suction than it is a harder, fast suction.

    If you do the longer period of time but very gently (I do it up to 5 minutes while I'm putting on the rest of my make-up or doing my hair) this might be better for you.  Again, when starting, check it frequently the first few times to make sure you aren't doing it too hard since you will have it on continuously.

    Again, and I know this will sound weird, but using this technique--it is really important to RELAX your lips into the will feel what I mean when you do it--that allows the fluid to move more freely if that makes sense.


    What fullips isn’t….

    fullips will not permanently change your lips.  It is only temporary, it should last a few hours (results will vary) before you would need to re-do them to achieve the same effect.  Your results with continued use will not produce changes.  It is temporary and your lips will go back to normal if you stop using the enhancer.

    fullips is not a replacement for women looking for a major change in their lip size.  fullips will not be permanent and will not create very large lips.  It will increase fullness but still be a natural look.  fullips will probably not make you look like Angelina Jolie, but in my case I never looked like Angelina Jolie even in the best and younger days of my youth.  If you are looking for a dramatic increase or permanent change in your lips, this is not the product for you.


    Anyone that has had lip injections and/or fillers should NOT use fullips.  If your lips or mouth are under a doctor's care, use of this product should always be cleared with your doctor first.  If you have any concerns about using this product or have any health concerns, check with your doctor.  If you have issues with your teeth, gums, tongue, mouth issues, oral surgery, cold sores, bruising, bleeding, medications, blood thinning issues or take blood thinning medication, check with your doctor first.  If you have an allergic reaction, stop use and call your doctor immediately.  This is not a toy and should not be used by anyone under 18.  Keep out of reach of children.



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