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Wonder Long Mascara

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Incredibly longer, extra black eyelashes with EVAGARDEN Wonder Long Mascara.
Its extremely deep, intense and velvety black colour is due to a high concentration of pigments, for a spectacular fake eyelash effect.
The wand enhances the length of lashes by combing and separating them one by one, structuring and filling them, without build-up and pushing them upwards, for amazingly long lashes.
This comfortable, long-lasting, elastic and light formula keeps the lashes flexible and soft all day long.
It lifts, curves, intensifies and lengthens, for extremely long lashes and gorgeous eyes!


To guarantee the durability and performance of the product, after each use, it is essential to close tightly the packaging, especially No-transfer and Waterproof products.

1. Ingredients

ACTIVE Ingredients :

Panthenol: nourishing and soothing.
Glucogenic amino acid derivatives (aspartic acid): with moisturising properties, it helps prevent eyelash breakage.

Formulated paraben free
Dermatologically tested
Ophthalmologically tested
Fragrance Free
D5 Free
Norm CEE/FDA/JP approved

2. How to use

Apply the mascara from the base of the lashes upward, turning the applicator, and repeat several times until achieving the desired effect. Hold the wand upright to lift the lashes. Hold it horizontally to apply the product on the outer corner of the lashes for a fan-like effect.

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Wonder Long Mascara
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