Dr. Q Cosmetics


Our History: A Revolution in Beauty

Founded by a group of visionaries driven by a shared passion for ethical and effective skincare, Doctor Q Cosmetics emerged from the realization of a market gap. In their pursuit of a transformative solution, they discovered the expertise of Dr. Kanal Al-Sayegh, a luminary dermatologist. United by a commitment to ethical beauty, they embarked on a journey to create a brand that set new standards in the cosmetics industry.

Starting small, each product underwent meticulous development and testing, earning the trust of customers who sought both efficacy and ethical values. As word spread about their revolutionary approach, demand soared, propelling the brand's growth. Today, Doctor Q Cosmetics stands tall, having sold over a million units worldwide.


Beyond the Beginning: Our Commitments and Innovations

Beyond our founding story, Doctor Q Cosmetics is defined by unwavering commitments and constant innovation. Our goal is clear: to bridge the gap between professional-grade skincare and accessible at-home treatments. From time-tested ethno-botanical ingredients to cutting-edge technologies, our formulations evolve to deliver not just possible transformations but visibly evident results.


Our Mission: Empowering Beauty, Enhancing Well-being

At the core of our mission is the empowerment of individuals to embrace their natural beauty. We believe in providing safe and effective cosmetic solutions that enhance self-confidence and well-being. With sustainability and clean ingredients as our guiding principles, our products are crafted to deliver transformative results year after year.


Our Vision: Beyond Beauty, Towards Wellness

Looking ahead, Doctor Q Cosmetics envisions a future where high-quality and ethically sustainable products address various health conditions. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond cosmetics, driving us to create solutions that redefine beauty standards while promoting overall wellness.

Join us on this ongoing journey where beauty meets science, ethics, and a dedication to empowering individuals.





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