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    Based on 40 reviews
    Fast acting

    Mix a small amount with daily moisturizer and apply on face without eyes and lips! Clears the skin and give glow

    Best sunblock

    Good for my skin light and non sticky

    One of the best

    I love it really gives volume for the hair specially oily hair


    احب اخلطه مع الوايت جل واحطه على بشرتي 👏🏻


    احبه ماا استغنى عنه يخلي البشره متهيئة حق كل شي ♥️🔥


    واايد يحسن البشرة بشكل ملحوظ 👍🏻


    Im using dr Q products since 2016 And I’m loving it .. not only I notice the change on my skin even my family,friends and my makeup artist they all notice the fairness

    ع ج ي ي ي ب

    وااايد حبيت ترطيبه ♥️

    Amazing brand

    الترطيب عجيب وحبييت النتيجه المبدئيه و نقطه وحده تكفي ♥️ اقوى براند من احلى دكتورة


    Wonderful i like it

    magical 🔥

    amazing like magic 🔥🔥

    love it


    Perfect product but awful packaging

    The brush falls after few time, the cream doesn't get out easily, I had to broke the container to get the cream, if it was normal squeezing cream would be better

    Hey Fatemah . It's quite unfortunate to have experienced that and we appreciate you sharing it with us. Fortunately , our replacement policy is to replace all damaged products, even after they are opened. Somebody will contact you shortly to replace your product. We apologize for the inconvenience
    Loved it

    instantly feel my skin tightening

    best shampoo

    loved it

    the scrub is amazing


    Oxygen Shampoo


    Excellent staff
    Good services

    The best sunblock i used

    ما استغنى عنه صارلي يمكن عشر سنوات

    جل فيتامين A&E

    روعه شويا عليه ماشاءالله كل منتجاتكم تهبل حسيته يشد البشره وينعمها حيلللل انصح فيه



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